Tag: Third language travails

  • Rejection, yippee!

    Anyone else out there breathing a sigh of relief when a standard submission response hits the inbox? It’s so good to get a rejection. No more need to steady yourself for the kind of comprehensively critical appraisal beta-readers tend to provide. You look better without that fake frozen grin, and you know it. Bye bye […]

  • We are not alone

    Really love a post by Elisabeth Giovani on LinkedIn, about the scares and doubts about not writing in our mother languages. Feels good not to be alone, shared scares are lighter scares! Funny, though, how we automatically refer to native speakers as arbiters who might grant or refuse us permission to write in English. As […]

  • Third language travails

    One of the disadvantages of writing in a third language is the occasional confrontation with gaps. Had to look up the definition of ‘aside’, just to be on the safe side when using this format option. Turns out it means as suspected. Phew. Got really close to a dire doubt here. Except one of the […]