Bucks for Beta

Wanna get paid for beta? No formal qualification required, beyond pretending you’re an avid reader with a libertarian streak*.

Sounds too good to be true?

Yep, good guess.

Life being the sucker we all know it is, you’re expected to deliver something in exchange for your 150 Euros**. This template will provide you with the details:

Editorial Assessment Template

You can also download the .doc version:

Editorial Assessment Template

Looks like easy enough money? Great, welcome on board! Please drop us a comment with your contact details (no need to worry about spam, these won’t get displayed on the page).

Once Troim’s WIP is ready for assessment

  • the admin contacts you to check if you’re available,
  • a mode of payment is defined and
  • an agreement on a timeline is reached.
  • You get your 150 Euros (yep, in advance) and
  • are granted temporary access to the WIP section.
  • You deliver your assessment or
  • don’t follow up, crawl under a rock and die of shame.

*As the kitschery slogan “Alt Left SciFi – with a smile” suggests, conservative beta readers tend to experience Troim fiction as the opposite of an echo chamber. White supremacists and LGBTQ haters, please do us and yourself the favour not to apply!

**Why 150 Euros? Simple: As of July 2018 when the rate was last revisited, this sum was roughly equivalent to 66,500 naira, the minimum wage demanded by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). As good a benchmark as any, don’t you think? Oh, you’re OECD-based? Well, that’s bad luck, for once, isn’t it?

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