Sorry folks, due to Covid 19 there won’t be any opportunities upcoming any time soon, for details see Novel Pause.

If we get going again, at some as yet undefined point of time in a future that feels very far away as of October 2020, this is how getting paid for beta is going to work:

No formal qualification required, you only need to pretend you’re an avid reader with a libertarian streak*. 

Sounds too good to be true?

Yep, good guess.

Life being the sucker we all know it is, you’re expected to deliver something in exchange for your 160 Euros**.

This template will provide you with the details:

Editorial Assessment Template

You can also download the .doc version:

Editorial Assessment Template

Looks like easy enough money? Great, welcome on board! Please drop us a comment with your contact details (no need to worry about spam, these won’t get displayed on the page).

Once Troim’s WIP is ready for assessment

*Conservative beta readers tend to experience Troim fiction as the opposite of an echo chamber. White supremacists and LGBTQ haters, please do us and yourself the favour not to apply.

**Why 160 Euros? As of December 2018 when the rate was last revisited, this sum was roughly equivalent to 66,500 naira, the minimum wage demanded by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). As good a benchmark as any, don’t you think? Oh, you’re OECD-based. Well, that’s bad luck, for once.

*** Money transfer method of choice is WorldRemit, meaning you need to have access to a bank account. The admin will be ask you to provide the name of the bank, the full name of the account holder, the account number, an address and a mobile phone number. Once again no need to worry, we’re very protective of sensitive data, both our own and yours.

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