Novel Pause

Dear readers,

thanks for putting up with my weird ways! It’s always a pleasant surprise to hear I made you laugh, or cringe, or display whatever other emotion strong enough to have you hit the contact button. Please do keep up your reading while I take a break from writing.

Less suffering inflicted on the poor old English language these days:

  • Zero progress on my WIP Beautiful Potholes
  • No intention to participate in Nanowrimo 2020
  • Words-to-go only until at least March 2021

Not getting any kinder or more respectful of the tongue of Shakespeare with age. Me not writing much is a Covid effect:

My dime novels and the 1kYears series all share an aspect, they’re immediate to near future.  It’s our world I’m writing about, plus a little something, a beneficial bug (Think-o-mat), an unexpected climate change twist (Guilty until Proven) or aliens (Plugger Stuff, Felinity Rules and Beautiful Potholes).

There’s a downside to this approach: Writing Tandem, the third novel of the Plugger trilogy, in real time, I had to decide whether Donald Trump would prevail. Not being a fan, I hated to guess he would. US election night 2016 was a bittersweet moment…

Covid 19 is an order of magnitude bigger than Donald Trump. This disease might be the catalyst that brings about the marked societal and international changes I anticipate in my novels.  No time for writing, not for my kind of science fiction. My motto went from “Science by day, fiction at night” to “Science around the clock”.

Stay safe and see you on the other side!