This is what this site is all about: Writing, probably SciFi genre of.

In his quest to win the wornoat (worst novel of all times) award and an indictment for crimes against the English language, Troim is forever writing fiction. As the author insists on depositing his output someplace and won’t take the mere Apple Pages cloud as sole answer, the admin created this site back in 2014. It mostly serves as a remotely accessible repository and back-up for Work-in-Progress, with a sideline in chronicling and (beta) reader communication.

Enjoy the output

Once Troim’s Dime Novels have been declared completed and copyright* has been granted,  they get published on Smashwords.

This is also the repository for the free 1kYears series.

Even shorter free stuff gets published as Words-to-go posts.

Work in Progress

Felinity Rules was Troim’s NaNoWriMo 2018 project. He created a 75K word first draft that is scheduled to be subjected to copious rewriting around Christmas. First chapters worth reading will be made available  to  beta readers in early 2019.

Upcoming projects

Fully plotted, partly casted and awaiting their slot:

  • Capacity Constraints At some stage, Troim will have recovered from the dark matter stress of the Plugger Stuff. Meaning he’ll be ready for the research required to write at one more frontier of textbook physics.  About time… 
  • Toe Factor Positive Less imminent future than Think-o-mat, more genetics than neurology, lots of (hopefully well hidden) sociology. With neighbours like these, who needs aliens? On second thoughts: Being aliens, that sounds very much like something Toe Factor Positives would do. 
  • Jumpers Intra- and intergalactic traveling, one more innovation. If a cat in a box can be both… Troim has yet to come up with a plausible way for humanity to survive this encounter, but the mode of transport is flashy. Very flashy. Too flashy to let the idea go to waste. Flashy and fast. Mostly fast, actually. Faster than the mode of traveling in Plugger Stuff.  Very, very, very fast. Which is a must, considering the distances involved.

*Copyright Notice

Yes, we are alt left and do know this is considered a no-no area. Both Troim and the admin are familiar with the “copy right, left or wrong” controversy. Public licenses are fantastic. Agreed. Sure. Absolutely.

But we also do happen to like books. And some newspapers. And some magazines. And even lousy SciFi authors need to eat. All this writing and making available online would proceed so much faster without wasting time on even the most fascinating of day jobs.

Therefore we go for the compromising middle ground guaranteed not to please anyone: All rights are reserved. Even for the Shorts. Reading right here is free, anything else demands permission.

The long format stuff has even been registered as IP.  Scientifically minded readers who won’t believe you can register a pile of amateurishly written rubbish may request an account providing access to the restricted Copyrights Certificates section.