This is what this site is all about: Writing.

In his pre-Covid-era quest to win an indictment for crimes against the English language, Troim used to write fiction. As his output needed to go someplace, the admin created this site back in 2014. It serves as repository for free short stories and as back-up location for work that until 2019 could aspire to be referred to as in progress.

Troim’s final Dime Novels have been published on Smashwords where you will also find his free 1kYears series.

Former Work in Progress

“Beautiful Potholes”: Troim’s 2019 NaNoWriMo project barely counts as fiction, there’s a lot of infotainment involved. But it’s aliens discovering Lagos by means of Google StreetView, Wikipedia and YouTube, which qualifies the plot as SciFi.


By an unfortunate coincidence, the hero of this story happens to be an Ukrainian who ends up impersonating a Nigerian for online gig purposes. A plot that had a fair chance to be considered amusing in the time before the tragic escalation of Russian-Ukrainian war, a violent change of circumstances in Kyiv and global increase of Ukraine awareness has been shelved, at least until an armistice is achieved, more probably forever.

Formerly Upcoming projects

Fully plotted and partly casted, the following plots wait for their slot:

Copyright Notice

Why register garbage? Why bother about copyright for something that most probably will never find any audience, never mind a paying one?

Because it is possible. And the certificates do look cool, if in a resolutely vintage ink-meets-paper way. Scientifically minded readers who won’t believe one can officialize a pile of amateurishly written rubbish may check the library of congress for Troim Kryzl. Yes, one can.

All rights are reserved.

Even for the short stories and the series. Reading is free, anything else demands permission. The dime novels have even been registered as IP.