Dime Novels

Yes, the dime novels are cheap. As in you have to pay. As in not free. But no reason to panic: You can download the first 50% as free sample, no need to reach for your virtual wallet yet. 


And now to something completely different from the Plugger stuff: No aliens. More near abroad than far out types of alienation. Perfectly ordinary people performing perfectly banal duties in perfectly mainstream occupations in perfectly ordinary places. 


Plugger Stuff

This trilogy was the fiction writing proof of concept and it shows. Brace yourself for seriously bad writing around a cute plot.

A bit of physics and astronomy. Neurology and psychology.  A sprinkling of computer science. Mention of politics kept as short as feasible under the circumstances.

There is some action, involving next to no violence. There are lots of heroes and few villains. No aliens, not really, but it’s mostly about them anyway. Brace yourself for some romance. Odd excursion into existential philosophy kept as short as possible. Same for blasphemy.

Plugger Stuff Series

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