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Reading is wonderful. Nothing beats reading, as far as solitary pursuits are concerned. Reading? Yes. Yes. Yes!

Except sometimes you can’t. No reading at the wheel. Precious few types of exercise combine well with reading. Reading while walking is accident prone. Reading funny stuff on the job might be frowned upon, despite its wonderful mood soothing effects.

To resolve all these issues, you need to outsource your reading.

And, hurray, big round of applause for her absolutely marvellous job, here comes the wonderful Keren Uzo reading Troim for you:

Shit happens audio version:

Shit happens in musically augmented audio version:

Like Keren’s voice and performance? Good news: You can hire her!

Here comes her YouTube portfolio video with her contact details.

In case you’re internationally shy, you can alternatively contact us, for additional references, and for informations on how to proceed, for safe cash transfers. Just drop us a comment (don’t worry, your contact details won’t be displayed).

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