1kYears Series (free)

Binge readers beware: As of October 2018, this more mini than series consists of a mere six episodes and Troim doesn’t manage to add more than one per quarter.  At less than 20k words per unit, this stuff is also very much on the short side, you may have rainy weekend left at the end of the lot. 

But the 1kYears Series is free all right, and available in multiple formats. You can either download directly from Smashwords (links included below) or get hold of the stuff through Apple iBooks or Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Scribd .   

The New Client

Weight Matters

Lack of Faith

Dream Team

Manager Man

Cruise Crisis

What is it all about?

1kYears Ltd is an innovative IT/VR service provider catering to a motley crew of filthy rich clients aspiring to as much immortality as the eternal laws of physics will allow. Takes tough staff to cope.

Full hidden intent disclosure:

There is a brilliant marketing by freebie plan behind the 1kYears series. Please do follow this step-by-step script:

  1. It’s free. It’s short. I’m bored. Why not read this?
  2. Download respectively online read.
  3. Oh, it’s not that bad. And fun on top. Who wrote this?
  4. Troim Kryzl? Never heard of.
  5. Use search engine. Find author profile.
  6. Eureka, there is more. With a nice big fat free sample.
  7. Download respectively online read.
  8. This stuff does scream for an editor.
  9. Getting used to it anyway. Would like to know the end.
  10. A cup of coffee costs more. Purchase.