Troim publishes his occasional standalone short stories as Words-to-Go posts:

One more fence


Teaser Pleaser

No Ant Farm

Colitis Generosa

Mary Mechanic

Paul Plumber


Mathilda Mason

Ronnie Roofer

No Veg Rack

G Day 89

Recalling Cow Void

Undue Reticence


Optiboost On

Bolda Bookbinder

As Advertised

Shit Happens

Black Friday

Health SCare

Bad Timing

Tag Trauma

Jerks and Perks

Veblen* Vacation

Anedoctal Value Day

Class Reunion

Just this once?

OS Update Anxiety

Business Trip 22

Happy New Year

ToiCle Day

Side Effects

Purple Star

Lucky Number

Drama King?

Match over?

Idyll in Transit

Black Hat Hack

Field Day

Host Switch

782 Times Syndrome


Issue Red

Civilup II

A Hero’s Welcome

Low Score


Truck Stop


Virtual Voices

Mad old bark

Inside the box

With friends like these…