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  • Female Winner Season 2

    Female Winner Season 2

    Nice to meet you! Had just gotten ready to celebrate my first full month without a what-was-it-like-to win-Campetition interview when I received your email, so shoot, please do. What would you like to know? My opinion of Campetition overall? That’s a new one, how nice. This is about, how to put this, about the ethics, […]

  • Male Winner Season 2

    Male Winner Season 2

    Oh my God, this really is about Campetition, is it? After all this time? Ok, not that long ago. Funny, how time feels different, isn’t it? Such a lot has happened since, Campetition feels so far away. Like it had been someone else involved, some prior me I barely remember having been, you know? This […]

  • Talent Screener 3

    Talent Screener 3

    Well…, what is it like, how best to describe it… This is really hard, you know? Would you like an honest answer, me describing as it is? Or do you prefer the official legend, as in splendid opportunities, new horizons, chance of a lifetime, and bla, and more bla,…? The truth. Okay… That is one […]

  • Crumpy Old Creative

    Crumpy Old Creative

    You found me? Wow! Congratulations, your research skills must be outstanding. Or do you happen to be romantically engaged with the masters of the streaming universe? No? Sure? Ok, I believe you. No, I don’t! That’s not how it works. Someone must have told you, and his, or looking at you more probably her guard […]

  • Junior Accountant

    Junior Accountant

    It’s a job, you know? Just a job. I do the numbers, that’s it. Don’t care if it’s for Campetition or whatever. Numbers are numbers, the spreadsheet looks the same. We buy stuff, we pay staff, we rent places, management takes business trips, taxman gets his share, it’s basically the same routine everywhere. No, wouldn’t […]

  • Stage Hand 18

    Stage Hand 18

    If it’s racist? You are asking me, the black guy on the minimum wage – and wish it was payed on time and matching the real hours for once! – if Campetition is racist? Any kind of idea how much how back breaking work is involved to make this big b*shit of a show happen? […]

  • Sounds & Tunes Lady

    Sounds & Tunes Lady

    Yep, I’m the lead acoustician. Yep, it takes a degree in acoustic engineering to make sh*t like Campetition sound right on all screens. Yep, I’m fed up if referred to as the sounds & tunes lady. Might chew on your balls for dinner, to teach you manners. Course not, none of the above, no need […]

  • Participant Season 1

    Participant Season 1

    Evil? Campetition? No, not really, not in any serious way, in my humble opinion. Evil, that’s guys wanting to shoot you, for no better reason than you being there, unarmed, and them needing to boost their collective fighter ego. Evil, that’s police threatening to break your fingers, for trying to report mafia boys threatening to […]

  • Junior Casting Manager

    Junior Casting Manager

    Yes, pretty new in the job, still counting in months, if you know what I mean. Used to assist casting for toothpaste miracle testimonials. So much easier, ethically. But try looking at six toothy grins per minute, three angles each, for eight hours a day, twelve in emergency recruitment mode, for more than a year… […]

  • Task Author 5

    Task Author 5

    You’re asking me if if feel bad about this job? Really, honestly? You need to ask?! Man, you might have a problem, just saying. Of course I do feel asshole. That show, that’s exploitation, that is. Full blown, no holds barred, maximum warp exploitation. The worst of the worst, full stop. And no free will […]