Female Winner Season 2

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Nice to meet you! Had just gotten ready to celebrate my first full month without a what-was-it-like-to win-Campetition interview when I received your email, so shoot, please do. What would you like to know?

My opinion of Campetition overall? That’s a new one, how nice. This is about, how to put this, about the ethics, right? Really like that question.

What I usually get? Well, there’s the girls stuff crowd. They ask about my workout schedule, how I keep my hair shiny, what makeup I recommend, for girls of my complexion and in general. They also inquire about very private stuff, e.g. my plans on the family side, how many kids I want, if there’s a groom in sight. That part is pretty unnerving. And there’s the lefties. Those ask basically one question “Please endorse cause x.” They do say please, it’s all very polite, but they are basically demanding the endorsement, not asking for my opinion.

That’s what I like, about your question. Someone caring about my opinion. Most media people I met to far hadn’t even figured out that I do come with opinions. Your approach is a novelty, and I like it.

Because Campetition is ambiguous, isn’t it? Having refugees compete against each other, for the right to live and work someplace, what kind of story does this tell about your society? Do moms want their kids on this show? It’s certainly better than Big Brother, especially for a girl. Not overtly sexist, you get to preserve a little privacy and dignity. The overall ambiance is quite nice, they take great care to treat participants ok. No kicking the wounded, the harder, the more down they are, like on The Apprentice.

From the inside, Campetition is pretty ok, very nice crew, totally safe place. They even have a lady for girls to talk to one-on-one, at any time, in case there’s stress. Where else do you get that? Certainly not where I come from, I can tell you, and I was one of the privileged ones, as you will sure have deduced from my accent. But if you look at Campetition from the outside, it’s still shocking, that this kind of show exists in a supposedly civilised world.

There, I said it, supposedly civilised. I’d rather you don’t quote that, too tough a verdict, not my way. Thank you, that’s kind, very much appreciated.