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  • Chapters are for sissies

    Having declared “Guilty until proven”, my dime novel number five, sufficiently rewritten and done, I retrospectively wonder about the structure. One more LinkedIn forum discussion got me started. Lots of real, proper, professional writers are exchanging extremely well founded views on chapter lengths. One is supposed to consider an improbable number of variables ¬†defining the […]

  • Why is it fun to write?

    Seriously asking here, because: There’s no money in fiction writing. For most of us. And we’re perfectly aware of this fact. There’s some kind of work involved, judging by how the head tends to run hot in a flow. Writing is all over our schedule, crowding out activities considered relevant by less weird people. Our default […]

  • Obsession

    One more question for the experts on LinkedIn: How bad a sign is it, if you get obsessed with your characters? This is very much like real life falling in love, only worse. In real life, past a certain age, you’re familiar with the phenomenon, and know the acute phase won’t last. Either the subject […]

  • Genre malaise

    Time for my very first call for help to the LinkedIn community. The more diligently I read, the more confused I get. Very basic basics are under reconsideration. I’m still convinced what I write should be called Science Fiction. Little science and lots of fiction = Science Fiction. Used to feel like a no-brainer. Looking¬†at […]

  • Narrative beats

    Amazing, the amount of terminology one needs to master to discuss book quality issues. Newest addition, courtesy of Ally Machate, owner of The Writer’s Ally via LinkedIn: ‘Beat’, as in narrative beats. Repetitive beats as one major cause of boredom, makes loads of sense. Even novice me experiences occasional rewriting urges associated with a feeling of ‘We’ve been […]

  • Target audience?

    One more LinkedIn learning, and I once again lost track of the advice, meaning I can’t thank the author personally. Bad Troim. Anyway, I do recall the advice: “Know your target audience. ” Well, this is either very easy or borderline impossible. At first glance it’s a no-brainer: I’m the target audience. I’m first and foremost […]

  • Obsessed with visuals

    In principle, Think-o-mat doesn’t progress too badly, on the plot and character side of issues. Chapter 6 will be available by the end of the week. But style remains a huge concern… The third language issue is solved by having been declared a feature. Rewriting after a gap of at least one day is both […]