Category: Words to go

  • Host Switch

    Trending: Host switch, fundamental. Increasing at a speed of 7 out of 10 mito-meio rate units, currently standing at 42 to 58, the decision to perform one more fundamental host switch can be considered both highly probable and generationally imminent. All subentities adjust our metabolic rates to host switch mode, now. We hopefully don’t need […]

  • 782 Times Syndrome

    „‚Kicking ass for the working class, in zero gee we float by thee.‘ And again, all together: ‚Kicking ass for the working class, in zero gee we float by thee!‘ And once more, and louder…“ Wafting at some distance from Buck, Aklan barely moves his lips in sync. There‘s perfectly no need to waste oxygen. […]

  • Blockchained

    That was a stupid idea. No. Wrong. His most stupid idea ever. By far. If only he could recant. Or at least kick his own posterior, to keep his mind off those three bullet points. Instead of getting ready to comply. What the hell got into him, back in 2018? Jackson vaguely recalls a lot […]

  • Issue Red

    „Another one?! You lost one more sub?! How the hell are you doing it?! This whole mess is just impossible, plain impossible.” Annie’s forehead is gleaming. Her white shirt stained by dark sweat marks. Despite the air conditioning. Not easy, for a leader, to accept this kind of defeat. Tonia would be compassionate, if she […]

  • Civilup II

    An actual monitor. Not even embedded. Fixed to the wall like some antique on display in a museum. Which in a way it is. Minuscule, too. Two square meters, at best. How is anyone supposed to learn anything, with obsolete equipment? This is such a farce. Garnalag is pissed off. They forced her to attend. […]

  • A Hero’s Welcome

    “It’s going to be gorgeous” his coach said. “You’ll love it” he said. “Just imagine their admiration, Fronzo. Mere admiration? Too weak. Your kind of feat, that calls for more. Much more. You will be one of the giants, Fronzo. An idol. Common mortals will barely dare glance at you. You’ll get worshipped, Fronzo. And […]

  • Low Score

    Low Score Three hundred and eighty five. 385. Thirty five soccer teams. A train full of adults. How much time would it have taken them? Assuming an average of five hours, it adds up to 1790 hours. Eighty person days. Wasted. Plus her own contribution. Another 10 hours. Synat shakes her head in disgust. She’s […]

  • Ephemerals

    Ephemerals “But there aren’t any. Not one ephemeral. No ephemerals, no non-sapient mobiles, no nothing. Not even non-sapient immobiles. This is just a stupid, empty rock. Homework done, empty rock result duly recorded. I’ll be playing multiverses now, OK?” Norendrum performs the dark energy entity equivalent of holding its breath. If instructor Schwarzberlem doesn’t react, […]

  • Truck Stop

    „What do you mean, exactly, by ‘Not available’? What kind of joke is this supposed to be? Now just let me tell you one thing: Not funny. Just do look at this shelf. How many ‘Not available’ stickers are there? Fifty? Sixty? Seventy? One hundred and twenty? I mean, last week, there was the odd […]

  • Dralala-ping

    “Dralala-ping, dralala-toc-toc, drala…” “Francis, do turn that phone off. Unless you are keen to get yourself fired. Private phones to be turned off at all times. Ever heard of that rule? Now is the time to stick to it. Or you’re gone. Fired, as in sacked. Got me? And off, as in not on. Not […]