Duck-on-Wall (free)

The Duck-on-Wall Series offers stuff that can be called visual art for free. No joke, free-free. Not one week free, please refer to small print for subscription fee details. Real free-free. Guess why…

Stuff, assorted is for cheering you out of a blues, the colors go wham!

Stuff, different is for your average mood, colorful but intricate.

Stuff, other will remind you, in monochrome, of all the complexities.

Stuff, variations will reorder you out of any bout of manic optimism.

If you wonder why anyone would waste time creating this,  congratulations: You’re the one lucky person not condemned to attend less than exciting meetings. Be they job or civil society events, they tend to trigger Duck-on-Wall activity.

Troim producing this signals listening. Whereas blank faced Troim…

According to the Guardian weekly, the President of Albania shares this vice. Except in his case it’s proper Art with a capital A because he’s a certified artist. Whereas Troim…

As a sideline, the Duck-on-Wall art section serves as a means of identification. If you have met Troim, you’ll recognise the doodles.